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The Little House Dorset Artisan Luxury Chocolate Gift Box

Treat yourself or someone special to a gift box full of delicious and beautifully gift-packaged artisan chocolates. These are hand-painted, hand-tempered and hand-crafted in Dorset.


The 3 Piece Luxury Chocolate Gift Box is a wonderful way to send love and warm wishes in chocolate form to family, friends, colleagues or yourself! 

A chocolate lover's dream selection packed full of treats, presented in a craft box and with our personalised greetings card.


The 3 Piece Luxury Gift Box contains:


1 x Box of 9, 12 or 18 Monthly Bonbon Selection.


The theme for May is “Harry Potter” in celebration of International Harry Potter Day - enjoyed on May 2nd every year. It's a magical time when "Potterheads" from around the world celebrate all things Witchcraft and Wizardry!


Each spellbinding flavour represents one of the four school houses attended by the young wizard and his wonderous pals. 


Treacle Tart - Treacle-y molasses caramel and a buttery shortbread base inside a milk chocolate shell. A classic, all-rounder crowd pleaser, dedicated to the favourite dessert of this house’s very own boy wonder.


Lemon Sherbet Flufflepuff - Sherbet and popping candy atop a lemon marshmallow, layered with a lemon cookie base. The headmaster a-dumble-dore’s this sweet: a light, citrussy, multi-textural dream to bring all sorts of warm, fuzzy, fluffy feelings!


Butterclaw - A Raven good combination of cream soda and blonde chocolate ganache infused with Madagascan vanilla bean and nutmeg. Curious indeed! We’ve made our own butter beer syrup to reimagine this quintessential staple of the Wizarding World, all wrapped up inside a bonbon.


Black Pepper Jelly Bean - Sour green apple jelly, paired with a milk chocolate and Dorset based @stonygroves Salted Fresh Kampot Pepper ganache. Sophisticated and complex with a dark side, much like a certain house, the contrast between the fruit and spice is delicious and delicately balanced.


1 x Chocolate Bar. 1 bar from our range - choose from:

  • Stroopwafel - Cinnamon spiced 35% milk chocolate, topped with Dutch stroopwafel and crispy chocolate pearls. Creamy with a chewy caramel crunch!
  • Caramelised White Chocolate - Caramelised 35% white chocolate, topped with crunchy caramel pieces and Dorset sea salt flakes. Smooth toffee with a salty pinch!
  • Strawberry & Pistachio - Strawberry infused 34% white chocolate, topped with freeze-dried New Forest strawberries from @newforestfruit and roasted pistachios. Sweet & nutty with a fruity zing!
  • Fruit & Nut - Single origin Mexican 66% dark chocolate, topped with mixed fruit and nuts. Woody tang with a fruity chew! Gluten-free and Vegan friendly.
  • Oat M!lk Chocolate - Single origin Colombian 43% oat m!lk chocolate, topped with vegan friendly 'honey'comb pieces. Creamy with a crunchy bite! Gluten-free and Vegan friendly.
  • Matcha - Ceremonial grade matcha blended into 34% white chocolate, topped with toasted black sesame seeds and freeze-dried strawberries. A popular combination with nutty and earthy notes!
  • Crème Brûlée - 34% white chocolate blended with house-made caramel sugar pieces and Madagascan vanilla bean. Creamy with a hint of bittersweet!
  • Coffee - 58% dark chocolate infused with Reads Coffee Roasters, topped with dark chocolate pearls and crispy toffee pieces. Dark and complex with textural notes! (out of stock)


1 x Little Treats. 1 Little Treat from our range - choose from:

  • Dorset Sea Salt Truffles - Dark chocolate truffles filled with indulgent Dorset sea salt caramel. Dark, rich and indulgent.
  • Milk Tea Truffles - Milk chocolate truffles filled with caramelised white chocolate ganache, infused with Thai milk tea. Smooth, creamy and moorish.
  • Coffee Truffles - Dark chocolate truffles filled with smooth coffee infused ganache from Dorset based Reads Coffee Roasters. Rich, complex and bittersweet. (out of stock)
  • Chocolate Honeycomb - Crunchy ‘honey’comb pieces wrapped in bittersweet dark chocolate. Crunchy, sweet and toffee. Vegan friendly, Dairy-free, Gluten-free.
  • Chocolate Buttons - Bittersweet dark, creamy milk and sweet velvety white chocolate buttons. Use it in your baking or have as a snack as is!


All orders come with a handwritten gift note option in our very own greeting card. The perfect personal touch when you’re sending a chocolate-y treat to a loved one.

We use only high-quality, fair-trade couverture chocolate and sustainable, local ingredients as much as possible. Our boxes, cards and packing tape are fully recyclable, while our clear bags and packaging peanuts are biodegradable and compostable.

3 Piece Luxury Chocolate Gift Box

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