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Corporate Chocolates

The corporate event - a time for businesses and people to network, show one another who they are and what they’re all about, and don’t forget the free gifts! But ask yourself, just how many logo mouse mats, mugs and keyrings does one person need. Do these truly reflect your business, do they feel special?


Here at The Little House, we specialise in that little something special. If you’re looking for a unique way to treat your customers, suppliers or employees whilst also promoting your brand, look no further. 


Using your corporate image we can create bonbons that reflect your business - with custom colours, flavours and logo packaging all produced and designed in-house, creating a hassle-free high-quality gift that your company can be proud of.


Sourcing a corporate gift can mean spending valuable time and resources, with it often being necessary to work with multiple suppliers in order to bring together different elements and create one perfect finished product. The Little House can provide you with this all in one place, the complete package - a bespoke luxury chocolate offering from start to finish, and here’s how…

"Custom colours, flavours and logo packaging all produced and designed in-house"

Chocolate Bonbons

Nothing says thank you quite like chocolate. It has long been the ultimate luxury gift to show how much we care, we respect, and we appreciate someone special. Lovingly handmade, hand-tempered and hand-painted, our bonbons are the perfect way to emphasise what it means to be connected with you.


Our bonbons are made from high-quality, fair-trade and sustainable couverture chocolate, paired with delicious house-made fillings produced using fresh ingredients to create mouth-watering flavour combinations.


We will provide you with a menu of our popular crowd pleasing flavours to choose from, but the sky is the limit - if you have a particular flavour in mind, just say the word and we’ll make it so. Then, using your corporate colours we hand-spray each and every bonbon with a glossy eye catching finish, meaning no two are the same and resulting in a truly unique product.

"Delicious chocolates in your corporate colours creating a product unique to your business"

Packaging & Design

The mark of a fully bespoke product is customisation, a one of a kind interior deserves an exterior to match. Our in-house graphic design means we can produce packaging that matches the look and feel of your bonbons and elevate your corporate gift to the next level of professionalism. We will discuss any ideas you may have and bring them to life with a professionally designed box sleeve using your logo and corporate colour scheme.


Whether you’re hosting a conference, displaying at an exhibition, or simply wishing to show some appreciation to colleagues and clients, we can help. A great way to complete your promotional offering and maximise your gift's impact is to combine your bespoke chocolates with branded literature - this could be anything from a leaflet to a greeting card and more. All this can be created by us to accompany your sweet treat and complete a memorable gift representative of your business.

"In-house graphic design producing a professionally finished box sleeve using your logo and corporate colour scheme"

Fulfilment & Logistics

We can complete fulfilment in a number of different ways. Your gift boxes can either be sent directly to you, collected from us in person, or dispatched as individual parcels to your recipient/s. 


If you have other items you wish to include in your parcels, these can be sent to us where we will coordinate the entire fulfilment for you.

"Dispatched to you or directly to your customer"

Get in Touch

Interested in working with us? Check out some of the brands whom we've worked with. Or our 'Blog' to delve into some of our previous corporate projects.

Contact us via phone or email below, and we'd love to chat!

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