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The Little House Dorset Bespoke Celebration Cake Guide Patisserie

Bespoke Cake Guide

Have you got a special occasion coming up or do you want to order a cake just because?

Cakes are quite often the centrepiece to an event and we want to make sure that it's exactly got that wow factor. We'll work closely with you to plan and create the right cake that you have in mind. Please see our basic flavour list and size/pricing guide below.

The Little House cakes come with 3 tall layers, although you may choose to add or remove a layer should you wish to do so. We typically work with silky and creamy Swiss meringue buttercream or chocolate ganache to cover our cakes and fill ours with house-made jams, curds, compotes and caramels. Gluten-free, egg-free and vegan cakes are also available upon request.


All of our dairy are procured from the award-winning local Blackmore Vale dairy farm and the eggs are from the free-range Pondhead Poultry farm just down the road from us. We love to work with our local suppliers and use high quality and ethical ingredients, and seasonal fruits to ensure that they are at their optimum standard.

Give us a call, pop us an email or fill up the contact form below and we’ll be happy to advise you on the size, flavours and design which would best suit your dietary needs or budget.

Size and Price Guide
What size and for how many guests?

6 inch starting from £65 - Up to 8 servings

7 inch starting from £70 - Up to 12 servings

8 inch starting from £75 - Up to 16 servings

9 inch starting from £80 - Up to 20 servings

Flavour List
The world is your oyster in terms of flavour! If you have a specific flavour combo in mind, do let us know so we can rustle up some ideas.

Alternatively, the list below are examples of flavour profiles that we have done before and are a sure-fire winner...

Vanilla, house-made seasonal jam*

Triple chocolate fudge*

Chocolate orange*

Chocolate fudge with Dorset sea salt caramel*

Classic carrot & cream cheese

Zingy lemon curd drizzle*

Lemon, blueberry & elderflower*

Vanilla chiffon, mango & passion fruit

Coffee & chocolate chiffon

Ube macapuno chiffon (+ leche flan layer)

Matcha chiffon, strawberry & white chocolate

Black sesame chiffon, yuzu & coconut

Dorset apple cake & Dorset sea salt caramel*

Banana, cinnamon & Dorset sea salt caramel

Spiced sticky toffee pudding

Black forest gâteau*

Chocolate guinness & cream cheese

Raspberry, rose & pistachio*

Red velvet cake

Seasonal two-layered pavlova* (£50)


*Vegan, egg-free and gluten-free available

The fun part!

Do you have a theme in mind? Colour scheme? Fresh flowers or buttercream flowers? Drip style cake? Birthday/Anniversary message? The more info the better!

Please do send pictures of our previous cakes as examples. If you send images of other artist's work, please note that we will not recreate their style but will use it as an inspiration to add our own twist to it.

Collection / Delivery
Some essential info...

For what date and time would you need the cake for?

Local deliveries are available for an additional fee from The Little House.

The full address for collection is below:

The Little House, Dairy House, Horton, Wimborne, BH21 7JH

Got a cake enquiry?
Sign the form below and we'll get back to you within 72 hours (excluding weekends)

Thanks for your enquiry!

The Little House Dorset Patisserie Bespoke Celebration Cakes

What People Say...

"The cake was absolutely fabulous. So scrumptious, we loved the taste, texture and the decorations. You have brilliant attention to details. I really liked how those lemon drops where right next to the white chocolate. I think all the flavours compliment and balance each other very well. The cake isn't overwhelmingly sweet because of the lemon and the sponge is so light. Also the blueberry jam is delicious and gives it a twist. 


My partner said it was a "sophisticake". I can't wait to have another slice tonight"

Roxana Mardare, 2021

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