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Bean to Bar Chocolate

This month’s theme “Bean to Bar Chocolate” has been in the works for a long time...

The inspiration behind our April's theme: Bean to Bar Chocolate.

The idea started this time last year when I went back home to the Philippines and learned a bit more about where chocolate ultimately comes from: the cacao tree!

The inspiration behind our April's theme: Bean to Bar Chocolate

My grandparents’ house was surrounded by cacao trees. My dad has told me stories of how when he was little: my grandma would make hot chocolate, freshly ground from pure, roasted cacao beans. I didn’t know this before I started the business and when I found out recently, I was really moved. Without realising it, I’ve come around full circle and feel closer to my roots.

This trip gave me a deeper understanding and full appreciation of chocolate. And I hope this month’s theme does the same for you too!

Chocolate as many of us know it from popular confectioneries in the supermarket is SO far apart from its true essence. Packed full of sweeteners and additives to mask poor quality chocolate, which goes hand in hand with poor ethical standards.

This is why it’s so important to appreciate and support craft chocolate makers, who are passionate about getting the best from this fabulous fruit. This month, we’ve used the Bean to Bar chocolate of Anisa & Chocolate with origins from India, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

Our bonbons this month may only be single filled (which is unusual for us). But it packs so MUCH flavour! The quality of the chocolate really speaks for itself. We were astounded by how many natural and complex flavour notes can come from a single origin chocolate. So no extra flavours are required. It’s really that good!

If you’ve already tried this month’s chocolates, which flavour notes stood out to you? 🍫



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