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Bespoke event chocolates for an international packaging company

Bespoke event chocolate gifts for a wonderful family-owned and well-established international packaging company: Croxsons...

These turquoise and black beauties were filled with salted caramel and espresso dark chocolate, respectively, for a 150+1 years and new office celebrations! They opted for 2 chocolate box sizes: our boxes of 2 and 4.

Our in-house graphic design means we can produce packaging that matches the look and feel of your bonbons and elevate your corporate gift to the next level of professionalism.

Everything is bespoke to you - from the bonbon flavours, colours and design; to the packaging which are all designed, printed and fulfilled in-house.

We’ll work closely with you to brainstorm, plan and produce an edible gift that fully represents your brand and event, that you can be proud of!


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