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The Little House Dorset Our Story

Our Story

"Hi, it’s Anna here, one half of The Little House duo. Our story began in March 2020 at Cambridge under the old name 'La Petite Maison'. It started as a micro-pâtisserie specialising in bespoke cakes and petit gâteaux for Cambridge locals and postal chocolates across the UK.


I have always been a fan of pastry for as long as I can remember, having grown up with a grandfather who was also a pastry chef sparked my inspiration. I worked and trained as a pastry chef in numerous luxurious restaurants across London. I then started La Petite Maison after longing for something beyond my antisocial kitchen hours and having dreamed of owning my own pâtisserie since I was young. For me, there is nothing quite as satisfying as creating desserts from the heart and bringing joy to people through my creations.

The Little House Dorset Dan & Anna

In July 2021, I relocated to Dorset. As the business grows, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to just French pâtisserie and wanted to focus more on the abundance of wonderful sweet and savoury produce and artisan makers we have here in Dorset. Hence why the name has aptly changed to the English translation 'The Little House'.


This is where we open up to a new side of savoury and where Dan, my better half and the other half of The Little House, joins the journey..."

"...And that would be me, hello all, Dan here. When Anna and I first met, our time together revolved around one thing, food! With me living in Dorset and Anna London; when we were able to see one another, days were often divided up into what and where we would be eating, and so our relationship rapidly grew... along with our waistlines.

Food has long been a passion of mine. Like many people, I see it as one of life’s fundamental, yet simple pleasures - to experience so much joy over something that is a human necessity is surely the most wonderful thing of all. I love to talk about, enthuse over and cook food. And so, when Anna and I discussed moving forward with a business where we could do that every day, it was a no-brainer.


After four years of back and forth from Dorset to London, Anna and I decided to take the plunge and move in with one another here in Dorset. My father and I had just finished building our house, and so the timing was perfect for a fresh and exciting start. The view of the woods from our little house is what inspired our new name and branding.


I love Dorset, I have lived here all my life and I feel very lucky to have done so. Since starting on this culinary adventure, it has opened my eyes to just how many exciting and passionate artisanal producers there are right here on my doorstep. It has been an absolute pleasure discovering them and learning about their produce, processes, stories and history, all of which I hope to share with you."

The Little House Dorset Our Story

The Little House is a fully licensed, fully insured 5-star hygiene rated kitchen based in Horton, East Dorset. Our ethos is not only to bring delicious joys, but to support our local community and without compromising on the environment. We source the best, ethical and as much as possible, local and seasonal ingredients. Our belief is that only the finest high quality ingredients translate to something special with every bite. And so, only the finest, fair-trade, sustainable couverture chocolates are used in our desserts, and we've committed to sourcing local suppliers who reflect our core values. Our mission for 2021 is to transition every bit of our packaging into eco-friendly, recyclable, and compostable materials. 

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